Royal Ascot Racecourse

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自2011年以来,通过与皇家阿斯科特赛马场(Royal Ascot Race Course)的紧密合作,我们与客户团队的股东和合作伙伴建立了密切的合作关系。该项目充分展现了我们灵活开放的合作理念、创造性的思维,以客户为中心的团队精神,并以此保证了皇家赛马场日常活动的顺利开展。

Having worked closely with Royal Ascot Race Course since 2011 we have built strong relationships with the client teams stakeholders and partners. This project represents our abilities to work collaboratively in an open, modest approach, driven by creative thinkers and a team ethos to ensure day to day site activities were maintained along with Royal Ascot’s major event schedule.


Our entrepreneurial ideas and financial awareness to maintain revenue earning facilities throughout construction whilst also generating flexible venues for learning, spectating, entertainment and working were embedded in order to create a unique and personalised multi-use development.

我们的团队在皇家阿斯科特(Royal Ascot)和皇后阿斯科特(Queen Ascot)赛马场为女王陛下创建了一个全新的皇家景观和招待区,并改造了亮马圈,打造出一个可供评论员和广播摄影人士使用的新媒体区。

Our team were instrumental in creating a new Royal Viewing and hospitality area for use by Her Majesty the Queen during Royal Ascot and alterations to the Parade Ring to create a new media area for commentators and broadcasting cameras.


Restaurant & viewing terrace

New Royal

Viewing area


Dining area